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October 21, 2008



It's in the 80's today in Southern California and I can't wait to start a Knit Your Bit Scarf! I discovered this great website from the Lion Brand Yarn newsletter. Congratulations on a terrific ongoing projectfor our wonderful vets!


Hey i have justfound this site from lion brand and i think i might do it but i live in england so it will cost alot 2 weeks pocket money i think (by the way im only 13 and this will be about my 6th project) :)


I just came across your site (thanks to Lion Brand yarn), and I have already started my scarf. I now live in Canada, but am an American from New Hampshire. What a wonderful program...and a great way to honor those who have made such a sacrifice for our country!!! Thank you!!!!!


I found about about this project through the Creative Knitting newsletter and think it is such a great idea. As the granddaughter of a WWII Vet, I love this idea. I live in Baton Rouge and it is exciting to see so many people involved in this. The most wonderful part is that my grandmother knitted for the troops during the War and now I can do the same thing. While there would be no way of ever knowing, it is neat to think that I might make a scarf for the same solider she made a sweater for! Thank you so much for taking care of our true American heros and for providing a way to connect the past and present. Keep up the great work!


I would like to know what size the squares are to be for blankets?

Anne Toebe

I am knitting helmets for servicemen, but I am looking for the pattern for the scarves for my friends who do not think they can make the helmets. Could you send me the pattern. I a 86 years old and have lots of time

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