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December 12, 2008


Marissa Jorgenson

As an experienced and conscientious knitter, I'm very concerned by all the contemporary hype associated with the Knit your Bit program that originated during World War I. I do believe that knitting is a sacred craft, and it allows us knitters to unselfishly create beautiful and often utilitarian pieces for our loved ones. What most people don't realize about the Knit your Bit program is that is was largely for the purposes of propaganda. It's great that women were encouraged to knit lovingly for soldiers suffering overseas, however, the larger effort of propaganda was designed to keep citizens constantly engaged with a war effort they didn't always understand. It was a battle for the hearts and minds of Americans to believe that their country's only intentions were good ones. I think a greater awareness of the hidden agenda behind the program would serve us all well.

Pat Bogen

I am looking for the 2009 pattern for the veterans knit-a-bit project for my knitting group, "The Knitwits of Highland Creek", Charlotte NC

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